Eder Santos

Brazilian artist Eder SANTOS creates vibrant, poetic works that merge the personal, the cultural and the technological to reinterpret motifs that are central to Brazil's African, indigenous and European heritage. Evoking the rhythms and textures of memory and history, he crafts a visual language of high-end and low-end technologies, from digital media to Super-8 film. He lives and works in Belo Horizonte.


A Europa em 5 minutos/Europe in Five Minutes (1986, short), UAKTI-Bolero (1987, short), Mentiras & humilhacoes/Lies & Humiliations (1988, short), Rito e expressao/Rite and Expression (1988, short), Nao vou Africa porque tenho/I Cannot Go to Africa Because I am on Duty (1990, short), Essa coisa nervosa/The Nervous Tin (1991, short), In(dig)naçao (1992, short), Janauba (1993, short), Intriguing People (1995), Tumitinhas (1998, short), Framed by Curtains (1999, short), Projeto Apollo (2000, short), Neptune's Choice (2003, short), Cinema (2010, short)