Costa-GAVRAS (1933, Greece) is a Greek/French film director and producer. His father was a part of the Pro-Soviet branch of the Greek Resistance against the occupying Nazi forces in World War II, for which he was later imprisoned during the Greek Civil War. Like his father, Gavras is deeply political, using filmmaking as a tool for expressing his activism. His 1969 film, Z, was an international sensation, winning several awards, including the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. He continues to make films which he also produces himself through his production company, K.G. Productions.


Les rates (1958, short), Compartiment tueurs/The Sleeping Car Murders (1965), 1 homme de trop/Shock Troops (1967), Z (1969), L'aveu/The Confession (1970), Yves Montand (1970, TV doc), Eacute;tat de siège/State of Siege (1972), Section spéciale/Special Section (1975), Clair de femme/Womanlight (1979), Missing (1982), Hanna K. (1983), Conseil de famille/Family Council (1986), Betrayed (1988), Music Box (1989), Contre l'oubli/Lest We Forget (1991, segment: "Pour Kim Song-Man, Corée du Sud"), La petite apocalypse/The Little Apocalypse (1993), Agrave; propos de Nice, la suite (1995, doc), Lumière et compagnie/Lumière and Company (1995, doc), Mad City (1997), Amen. (2002), Le couperet/The Ax (2005), Eden à l'Ouest/Eden Is West (2009), Le capital/Capital (2012), Adults in the Room (2019).

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