Claire Simon

Claire SIMON (1955, UK) was born in London and grew up in the south of France. She studied Ethnology, Arabic and Berber. Refusing to - in her own words - "integrate in a film academy", she taught herself filmmaking. Simon gained experience as an editor and directed short films in a wholly independent way. She specialised in direct cinema, made several documentaries, and in 1997, Simon made her first feature film. In 2014, IFFR screened Claire Simon's feature film Gare du Nord and her documentary Human Geography.


Tandis que j’agonise (1980, short), La police (1988, short), Les patients (1989, doc), Scènes de ménage (1991, short), Récreations (1992, doc), Artiste peintre (1992, short), Comment acheter une arme (1993, short), Histoire de Marie (1993, short), Coûte que coûte (1995, doc), Sinon, oui (1997), Ça c’est vraiment toi (1999), 800 km de différence - Romance (2001, doc), Mimi (2002, doc), Est-ce qu'on a gagné ou est-ce qu'on a encore perdu? (2004, short doc), Ça brûle (2006), Les bureaux de Dieu (2008), Géographie humaine/Human Geography (2013, doc), Gare du Nord (2013), Le Bois dont les rêves sont faits/The Woods Dreams Are Made Of (2015, doc)