Carsten Brandt

Carsten Brandt at IFFR

Carsten BRANDT (1944, Denmark) is an actor, theatre- and film director. He graduated from The Danish Theatre Academy in 1969. In 1973 he founded the art and cinema theatre Posthus Teatret in Copenhagen, together with his wife, Tine Blichman. As a film director he has written and directed several critically acclaimed features, including 92 minutter af i går/92 Minutes of Yesterday which won the Palmares at Festival d´Hyeres in France. He started working on the feature Den milde smerte/The Gentle Pain some quarter-century ago. The film has its world premiere at IFFR 2019. 


92 minutter af i går/92 Minutes of Yesterday (1978), Demoner (1986), Den milde smerte/The Gentle Pain (2019)

Carsten Brandt at IFFR

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