Brigid McCaffrey

Brigid McCaffrey at IFFR

Brigid McCAFFREY (1978, United States) made the journey from Brooklyn to Southern California only to make and see more films at CalArts. Her previous films use the density of graphic manipulation to create spaces both awkward and sensual which portray themes of displacement and migration. She also pursues photographic projects, from large format portraits of public landscapes to local current event photography. In 2016, McCaffrey was a featured artist at the Flaherty Film Seminar. She is currently based in Los Angeles.


Lay Down Tracks (2006, co-dir.), Tjúba Tén/The Wet Season (2008, co-dir.), AM/PM (2010), Castaic Lake (2010), Paradise Springs (2013), Bad Mama, Who Cares (2016)

Brigid McCaffrey at IFFR

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