Bill Plympton

Bill PLYMPTON (1946, US) grew up as one of six siblings. He is considered to be the King of Indie Animation and was the first person to hand draw an entire animated feature film. He attended Portland State University where he studied graphic design but later on transferred to the School of Arts, New York City. His career began creating cartoons for publications among which The New York Times, National Lampoon, Playboy and Screw. He received two Oscar nominations for Your Face (1987) and Guard Dog (2004). Later, he received the Prix du Jury at Cannes in 2001 for Push Comes to Shove (1990) and Eat (2001) won the Grand Prize for short Films at Cannes Critics' Week.


Boomtown (1985, short), Drawing Lesson #2 (1987, short), Your Face (1987, short), One of Those Days (1988, short), How to Kiss (1989, short), 25 Ways to Quit Smoking (1989, short), Plymptoons (1990, short), The Wiseman (1990, short), Push Comes to Shove (1990, short), The Tune (1992), Draw! (1993, short), Faded Roads (1994, short), Nose Hair (1994, short), J. Lyle (1994), How to Make Love to a Woman (1995, short), Guns on the Clackamas (1995), Boney D (1996, short), Plympmania (1996, short), Smell the Flowers (1996, short), Sex and Violence (1997, short), Mondo Plympton (1997), Walt Curtis, the Peckerneck Poet (1997), The Exciting Life of a Tree (1998, short), More Sex & Violence (1998, short), I Married a Strange Person (1998), Surprise Cinema (1999, short), Can't Drag Race with Jesus (2000, short), Eat (2001, short), Mutant Aliens (2001), Parking (2002, short), Guard Dog (2004, short), Hair High (2004), The Fan and the Flower (2005, short), Spiral (2005, short), Guide Dog (2006, short), Shuteye Hotel (2007, short), Hot Dog (2008, short), Santa: the Fascist Years (2008, short), Idiots and Angels (2008), Horn Dog (2009, short), The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger (2010, short), Summer Bummer (2012, short), Waiting for her Sailor (2012, short), Tiffany: Death on the Runway (2012, short), Drunker Than a Skunk (2013, short), Cheatin' (2013), Footprints (2014, short), The Loneliest Stoplight (2015, short), Gastronomic Shark (2016, short), Hitler's Folly (2016), Revengeance (2016), Cop Dog (2017, short), No Snow for Christmas (2018, short), Trump Bites (2018-2019, short), Sex & Violence 3 (2019, short), Demi's Panic (2021, short), Lipstick of the Brave (2022, short), Slide (2023)

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