Barbara Meter

Barbara METER (1939, Netherlands) studied Dutch and obtained an master's degree in video and film in London. She made her first short film in 1967 and has made many experimental films, feature films and documentaries since, which have been widely screened internationally. She was co-founder of Electric Cinema, in the early 1970s a bastion of Dutch experimental cinema, and also works as a curator and lecturer on film.


From the Exterior (1970, short), Song for Four Hands (1970, short), Portraits, 1971-1972 (1972, short), De afstand tot dichtbij (1982, short), In het voorbijgaan/In Passing (1983), Andante, ma non troppo (1988, short), Traces (1991, short), Laura (1994, short), Penelope (1995, short), Departure on Arrival (1997-98, short), Convalescing (1998, short), Appearances (2000, short), Greece to Me (2001, short), No Boats Ever Sail in the Mountains (2002, short), Quay (2003, short), Kade (2003), Ariadne (2005, short), Stretto (2005, short), A Touch (2008, short), Loutron/Bath (2009, short), Little Stabs (2011, short), Hier nu/Here Now (2012, short), Tien liederen/Ten Songs (2012, short), Bis an den Himmel und noch viel mehr/Up to the Sky and Much Much More (2015, short)