Arthur Lipsett

Arthur LIPSETT (1936, Canada - 1986) was filmmaker, philosopher and eccentric. He was tortured by severe mental illness. Tragically, he ended his life during the last week of April 1986, shortly before he would have turned 50. George Lucas has been inspired by his work. Lipsett's film 21-87 has been credited by Lucas as an inspiration for elements in his Star Wars films. Very Nice, Very Nice was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Short Subject, Live Action Subjects in 1962.


Hors-d'oeuvre (1960), Very Nice, Very Nice (1961), Experimental Film (1963), 21-87 (1964), Free Fall (1964), Fear and Horror, Perceptual Learning, The Puzzle of Pain, A Trip Down Memory Lane; Animals and Psychology; Animal Altruism (all 1965), Fuxes (1968), N-Zone (1970)