Andrea Caccia

Andrea Caccia at IFFR

Andrea CACCIA (1968, Italy) studied film and painting. His short films and documentaries were screened at several festivals, including the Locarno International Film Festival. Vedozero (2009) is his second feature length film. The material for this experimental film was shot by Italian teenagers with seventy mobile phone cameras.


Tribulero (1998, short doc), Due/Two (1999, short), L'estate vola/Summer Flies Away (2000, short doc), 18 Days Around Arrington De Dionyso Quartet (2002, short doc), Sulle tracce del gatto/On the Trail of a Cat (2003, short doc, co-dir), Disco inverno (2006, short), La vita al tempo della morte/Life in the Time of Death (2009, doc), Vedozero (2009), Hospice (2009), La Vita al Tempo della Morte/Life in Time of Death (2011), Mi Piace Quello Alto con le Stampelle (2011), Tutto lóro che c'è/Gold Is All There Is (2019)

Andrea Caccia at IFFR

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