Allyson Mitchell

Allyson MITCHELL creates visual art and installations with e.g. fun fur and found objects. She is co-founder of the fat activist/performance group Pretty Pork and Pissed Off and frequently works with Christina Zeidler as the film collective Freeshow Seymour.


(all short, selection) Chow Down (1997), My Very Own After School Special (1997), Don't Bug Me (1997), Bad Brownies (1997), Cup Cake (1998), TV Did This to Me (1999), Roadside Attraction (1999), Candy Kisses (1999), My Life in 5 Minutes (2000), Itchy Ya Ya (2000, co-dir), Hair Pie (2000, co-dir), Bon Bon (2001, co-dir), Pink Eyed Pet (2002, co-dir), Believe (2002, co-dir), Sticker Lover (2003), Precious Little Tiny Love (2003), Mayo Jar (2003), Hideous Monster (2003), Freeshow Seymour Compilation (2004, co-dir), Melty Kitty (2006), Unca Trans (2007), Foodie (2008), Afghanimation (2008)