Ðuro Gavran

Ðuro GAVRAN (1982, Croatia) studied Graphic Product Design at the University of Zagreb and took a MA course in Film and TV Directing. He is a filmmaker, designer, photographer and cameraman. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions, and several film festivals. His documentary The Big Day was awarded Best Film and Best Director at the Croatian Film Days 2012.


(all short) Staklena balerina/Glassballetdancer (2005), Htjeli smo radnike, a došli su nam ljudi/We Wanted Workers, We Got People (2011, doc), Bojan (2010, doc), Kelti/Celts (2011, doc), Lijepa naša domovino/Our Beautiful Homeland (2012), Veliki dan/The Big Day (2012, doc), Presuda/The Verdict (2013)