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Pablo Lozano

Monte y Culebra SRL – Dominican Republic


Monte y Culebra is a company dedicated to film production created in 2015 to produce auteur cinema in the Caribbean region, with a special focus on first features and international co-productions.

Pablo Lozano graduated from the EICTV (Cuba) and has a master’s degree from ESCAC film school (Barcelona). He was a special productions coordinator at INTEC University in Santo Domingo, where he co-designed and launched the Film and Audiovisual Communications Degree Programme in 2017. He co-produced the feature film Todos Somos Marineros (Dominican Republic / Peru) that premiered in "Voices" IFFR 2019. He produced Candela (Dominican Republic / France), selected in Sundance Screenwriters, Edit and Music Labs (2016/2019), La Fabrique Cinémas du Monde 2018, among others. He currently produces Pepe, the Imagination in the Third Cinema (Dominican Republic / Namibia / Colombia / Germany) by Nelson Carlos de Los Santos, currently in development, with the Hubert Bals Script and Project Development Fund, the World Cinema Fund Classic and ACP.

Current Projects 

In development 
El Protocolo by Pablo Lozano (Fiction)
Sol y Sombra by Julia Scrive-Loyer (Musical Fiction)
Pepe, the Imagination in the Third Cinema by Nelson Carlos de Los Santos (Hybrid)

In post production
Aunque sea ver el Mar by Pablo Lozano (Hybrid)

Todos Somos Marineros by Miguel Angel Moulet, 2018 (Fiction)

Pablo Lozano

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