Next Film Patrons

At its 47th edition, IFFR launched a dynamic group for young film enthusiasts (in the making) who are eager to join a vibrant new network, who want to learn more about cinema and join in behind the scenes during exclusive IFFR events. The club members will receive special privileges and invitations throughout the year, as well as during the festival. And we’ll be throwing a not-to-be-missed Next Party!

Whether you’re an expert or completely new to cinema, come and meet a welcoming group of young patrons and enjoy getting more involved in the festival and its development. Give your professional and social network a boost and share ideas and experiences with new people. By joining the Next Film Patrons, you’ll help the festival continue championing exciting programming, as well as supporting upcoming filmmakers in realizing their film projects.

GIVE BACK: Make an impact by supporting IFFR programmes selected by you, such as the educational film screenings for kids, or the career of an upcoming filmmaker.

FRIENDSHIPS & COLLABORATIONS: Develop professional relationships and new friendships at the annual Next Party.

INSIDER ACCESS: Join in several events during the festival, but also year round, and learn more about cinema.

INSPIRATION: Be one of the first to book your tickets and watch incredible cinema. We’ll help you navigate!


  • Priority online ticket sales: you can start purchasing tickets to screenings online 24 hours before the regular online ticket sales
  • You will receive a €3 discount on every regular ticket
  • An invitation for:
      • The annual Next Party during the festival
      • IFFR’s Closing Film & Party
      • Events throughout the year, including a special Preview  

Costs after tax benefits: 12,33 a month / 148 euro a year             

Costs before tax benefits: 20,82 a month / 250 euro a year