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Nakyong Gigi Yoon

Nakyong Gigi Yoon earned her MA in film/audiovisual at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris. From 2007-12, she worked for the Paris-based Korean TV production company. There she produced over 40 programs for all major Korean TV networks, covering topics spanning culture, politics and history. An alumna of New York University, Gigi worked for 6-7 years with many film festivals such as the New York Asian Film Festival, the Busan International Film Festival etc. Yoon has produced an acclaimed feature film <JAMSIL>, winner of the Citizen Critic award at 2016 BIFF. The 2nd feature film <DON’T GO TOO FAR> was also invited to the Korean Cinema Today in Busan. The VR film <5.25㎡>( Kyungmook Kim) co-produced by Yoon, was invited to Bucheon International Film Festival in 2022.

1031 STUDIO – South Korea

1031 Studio is a Korean independent entertainment company, based in Seoul, which focuses on global partnerships to create high-profile genre-bending features, with a distinctive style that stem from both Classical and Korean cinematic legacies. The company specializes in film and series production, and works on several films & series projects across various cultural territories with an international cast. Currently 1031 Studio has two feature film projects in pre-production.

Projects in production

Carnival(working title) by Hyunyong Park
Fireworks(working title) by Pyunghwa Yoon


Na Kyong Gigi Yoon

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