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Laurent Denis

Cookies Films – Belgium


Cookies Films is a Belgian based film production company that is working on short and feature film projects in  different genres but  based on well-written scripts that tell compelling stories., Focused on bringing films to audiences, Cookies Films is constantly looking for new projects and new collaborations.

Scriptwriter and producer, Laurent lives and works in Brussels. He has produced more than twenty short films which have been met with great international success. While continuing to produce short films, he is currently developing several feature film projects.



Current Projects 

In development 
Practical Shooting by Gary Seghers (Feature, historical, political, thriller, drama)
The Indian Sign by Grégory Lecocq (Feature, drama)

In production
She is One of Us by Maxence Voiseux (Short film)

In post-production
Bluestar by François Vacarisas (Short film)


Laurent Denis

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