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Laura Bouwmeester

Laura Bouwmeester finished her master’s degree in media studies in 2011. After working as assistant to various producers and as a freelance line producer, she felt a strong desire to start producing herself. In 2017 she laid the building blocks for what eventually became the popular Dutch Netflix series and film Anne+. She has produced two short films that have been screened at international festivals and a web series pilot. Laura is committed to telling powerful stories, with a focus on cultural and sexual diversity. She enjoys working with filmmakers who are not afraid to break free from stereotypical roles and like to use humour to hold a mirror up to society. In 2023 she joined Labyrint Film (formerly Dutch Mountain Film) as co-owner.

Labyrint Film (formerly Dutch Mountain Film) – Netherlands

Labyrint Film is an Amsterdam based production company that produces quality films and series for a wide audience, putting the makers first; stories with both social and strong personal urgency. A labyrinth is an ancient symbol and represents the search for meaning. It can help you look at issues from new perspectives and that’s exactly what Labyrint Film stands for: telling stories that offer new insights and make you think. This also means connecting with current themes that play a role in society and producing films and series that create impact. For Labyrint Film, it’s also important to encourage aspiring, talented makers to tell their own stories, with authenticity and creativity. Furthermore, it goes ahead in the battle for better representation of the LGBTQI community.


Projects in development

Yildiz by Ayla Cekin Satijn (short)

Ascension by Tom Bakker (short)

De Ontvreemding by Michiel van Jaarsveld (feature)

Goeddoener by Hiba Vink (feature)

Terug naar Tarvod by Tom Bakker (feature)


Projects in production

Ik Zal Zien by Mercedes Stalenhoef (feature)


Projects in post-production

Nice Ladies by Mariia Ponomarova (documentary feature)


Released films

Okthanksbye by Nicole van Kilsdonk (feature)

Zeebenen by Sam Dijkstra (short)

Beş by Ayla Çekin Satijn (short)

Foster by Jordi Wijnalda (short)

AYOR by Tom Bakker (short)

Selfmade Man by Flip Zonne Zuijderland (web series)

ANNE+ by Valerie Bisscheroux (TV series)

Laura Bouwmeester

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