Rotterdam Lab

Jia Min Tan

Jia Min produced her first independent short film Closer Apart at the age of 17, and after screenings at several international festivals and public reception, this experience cemented her belief in filmmaking’s ability to connect people. Since then, she has continued practicing her craft on short films, and has worked on longer form projects such as Circle Line, Singapore's first creature feature, and 1000 Cups to Midnight, an online series. Currently in development for her first feature project as a producer, Jia Min strives to tell stories that evoke perspectives by reflecting the complexity that is our shared human experience.

Taipan Films – Singapore

Taipan Films is a Singapore-based motion picture company that believes in the storytelling potential of Asia. Its goal is to find, develop financing and build the narrative of these stories in order to produce and distribute entertaining and distinctly Asian works to the wider international market, and in matching film talents with market-sensitive projects so as to encourage creative careers. Taipan Films is developing projects that are of both entertainment and cultural value that can travel through its core voice of engaging storytelling.

Projects in development 

Looking For A Friend by Cheng Chai Hong (feature film)
Trickle-Down Economics – A Longitudinal Study by Cheng Chai Hong (short)

Projects in post-production

Aunt Lotus And Her Dream Bicycle by Kew Lin (short)
One Last Dance by Gabriel Isaac Goh, Tiffany Soh (short)

Released films

Progress by Alistair Quak, 2019 (short)
Closer Apart by Jason Lee, 2014 (short)


Jia Min Tan