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Illari Orccottoma

Illari is specialised in the production of independent author projects, both fiction and documentary. She began her career in 2007. Her journey has taken her through different roles in the production chain, which has strengthened her abilities to understand the different needs of a project. She is interested in projects that question humanity emotionally; that speak of the individual experience of life and all that it means to be human, through an internal voice that is so loud that cannot be silenced anymore. She is the producer on fiction project 4EBER, by Ximena Valdivia (in development), which was selected to attend the Locarno Open Doors Producers Lab; in the documentary projects ¿Usted de Nuevo, Señorita? by Lorena Best and Sara Guerrero (in development); Buenos días, Wiraqochas, by Mauricio Godoy (in post-production); and her most recent work, the fiction feature film Diógenes by Leonardo Barbuy (in distribution), co-produced with Mosaico (Peru), La Selva Cine (Colombia) and Dublin Films (France), with which she has been invited to attend various international training programmes such as Bolivia Lab, BrLab, MAFIZ, FICCI Producers Meeting, where the project won several awards and prizes. In 2013, with Jorge Ochoa, they founded Maldeojos in order to develop their own film projects. In Peru, she is a member of the Asociación Voluntaria de Cineastas (AVC) and the Asociación de Mujeres Audiovisuales (AMA).

Maldeojos - Peru

Maldeojos is a creative production platform that works in the development and execution of independent film and audiovisual projects. It was founded in 2013 by filmmakers Illari Orccottoma and Jorge Ochoa. Together they’ve produced a couple of short films, and in the last decade have partnered with other Peruvian film companies to produce their projects. They see the filmmaking process as a collective force, and are  in search of honest, poetic, avant garde projects that can illustrate the rich and diverse Peruvian film ecosystem. As a political stand, they are also looking forward to producing films written and directed by women.


Projects in development

4EBER by Ximena Valdivia (feature)

Buenos días Señorita by Lorena Best and Sara Guerrero (documentary feature)


Projects in post-production

Buenos días, Wiraqochas by Mauricio Godoy (documentary feature)


Released films

Diógenes by Leonardo Barbuy (feature)

Illari Orccottoma

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