Book launch: Judit Elek


IFFR 2023

The presentation of our publication dedicated to the cinema of Judit Elek, Judit Elek: The Lady from Budapest, will be accompanied by a workshop discussion between our guest of honour and the three writers/editors of the book: Gyöngyi Fazekas, Barbara Wurm and Olaf Möller.

The talk will in some ways continue where the interview (which forms the publication's core) left off: while the published discussion focuses more on Judit Elek's life to enable readers to better appreciate how close her cinema is to her own history and experience, the presentation will give the audience a chance to discover details of the films themselves.


Sun 29 Jan, 13:00, Donner Rotterdam


IFFR 2023


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  • In Person
    Sunday 29 January 2023

Programme IFFR 2023

Focus: Judit Elek

Judit Elek (1937) is among world cinema’s most uncompromising figures. Beloved by IFFR founder Huub Bals, yet to this day little known in wider circles, Elek made both fiction and documentary films that are almost brutally personal, reflecting as much the history of her native Hungary as her own trauma-riddled life. International Film Festival Rotterdam is honoured to present the most complete retrospective so far of an auteur whose works and wisdom are needed today as urgently as ever.

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