Talking Electronic Components

Floris Vanhoof

IFFR 2017

Nuts & Bolts

  • Belgium
  • 2016

Blueprints of swarms of electronic components serve to evocate what is going on inside electronic musical instruments.
 To make these photograms, a collection of old valves, condensers, relays and transistors – the building blocks of electronics usually safely hidden inside a device that have increasingly been miniaturised, made less visible or more shapeless – were placed directly in sunlight. Vanhoof created these photograms as visual scores, curious as to which sounds and imaginary connections these clouds of components would elicit. 

Part of the exposition Nuts & Bolts, Thu 26 Jan to Sat 4 Feb, 11:00-20:30, Het Atelier, free admission, performance by Floris Vanhoof (Bug Sounds/Vinyl Canon), Sat 28 Jan, 17:00

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Floris Vanhoof
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IFFR 2017