The Market – A Tale of Trade

  • 94'
  • Germany
  • 2008
In this dry-comic road movie, we see the appealing villain and black market trader Mihram (an incredibly powerful role by Tayanc Ayaydin), who does his very best to change. He wants to stop drinking and gambling and become a respectable husband in the eyes of his wife. He is always trying to dream up how he can make the most possible money in the least possible time; comparisons with the rich West are never far away. When a doctor asks him if he can buy medicine for her abroad in order to heal children, Mihram seizes his opportunity. With the aid of his uncle, he sets off on a journey that could make him a fortune. But things don't work out as planned...
The Market - A Tale of Trade does justice to its name. It's a beautiful, light-hearted and intelligent analysis of how markets work, black and white, and how small players can be helped and crushed by the essentially simple yet treacherous mechanism of supply and demand. It becomes apparent that there is a very thin line between entrepreneurship and illegality. The British writer Ben Hopkins wrote the screenplay himself and directed the story in Turkey. He struck a universal chord, as is apparent from the fact that the film has triumphed at film festivals and won many prizes (including that for best film, scenario and leading role in Antalya, best film in Ghent and best actor in Locarno). (EH)

Ben Hopkins
Countries of production
Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey, Kazakhstan
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2009
Roshanak Behesht Nedjad, Gulnara Sarsenova, Hans Geissendörfer, Nikki Parrott, Ceyda Tufan
Production Companies
Flying Moon Filmproduktion, Film- und Fernsehproduktion Geissendörfer, Eurasia Film, Tigerlily Films, Pi Film Production
The Works Film Group
Ben Hopkins
Konstantin Kröning
Alan Levy
Production Design
Attila Yilmaz
Sound Design
Lars Ginzel
Cihan Sezer
Tayanç Ayaydin, Genco Erkal
Local Distributor
BrunBro Films