Save the Green Planet!

  • 118'
  • South Korea
  • 2003
Byung-gu, a rather confused young man, is the only one who can save our beautiful green planet. You see, Byung-gu is convinced that the industrialist Kang is really an alien from outer space who is spying for the prince of (the planet) Andromeda, who is planning to conquer the earth. With his dozy girlfriend Sun-i, a circus artiste, Byung-hu kidnaps the industrialist and tries to force him, using extremely interrogation techniques (with an iron as accessory), to reveal his `royal genetic code'. It is essential he succeeds before the next full moon. Kang thinks he is facing a personal act of revenge and doesn't just give up... Débutant Jang Jun-Hwan displays a Kubrickian flair in his mastery of a wide range of genres, without losing track of his target. Comic science-fiction and tough detective elements are augmented with the creative Asian torture scenes we know so well, all to serve the underlying and sombre social criticism: it is not by chance that the baddie owns a large chemical factory. Apart from all the cult tricks, there is also space for (genuine?) emotion, when we find out more about the hero Byung-gu, who is traumatised and misled as he grows to be an `Everyman' in a world full of conspirators.
Jang Jun-Hwan, Jang Jun-hwan
Country of production
South Korea
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2004
Original title
Ji-gu-reul ji-kyeo-ra!
Sidus FNH Corp., Kim Sun-Ah
CJ Entertainment