A Drop in the Reign of Terror

  • 104'
  • Sri Lanka
  • 2003
A Drop in the Reign of Terror is a film about terrorism, injustice, lies, corruption and love. It focuses on the vicissitudes of two families in Sri Lanka. The widow Matara Harmine and her three children live in fear of terrorist activities by both the rebels and the internal security service. Matara suspects that the rich and corrupt businessman Akmon knows more about the disappearance and death of her husband. Akmon has supplied weapons to the rebels, to ensure he can continue his illegal activities without too many problems. Contrasting with this relationship filled with mistrust, are Matara's daughter Panduka and Akmon's son Manjula: they are in love with each other. The relationships between the two families become increasingly complicated. Manjula's mother turns out to be having an affair with a minister who has been elected with her financial assistance. One of the sons of Matara is a journalist and looks for information about the disappearance of his father. He finds out that neither the rebels nor the government had anything to do with it, but a mysterious third party.The many characters and vicissitudes - occasionally reminiscent of a soap series are characteristic of Sri-Lankan cinema. A striking element in the film is formed by the warm lighting and clear colours.
Amarnath Jayatilaka
World premiere
Country of production
Sri Lanka
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2003
Original title
Bheeshanaye athuru kathawak
Filmvision, Winson Films, Ranjith Perera
Madhuranga Chandheemal, Nita Fernando