Trouble Everyday

  • 102'
  • France
  • 2001
Those who go to see Trouble Every Day while thinking of the previous films by Denis such as the beautiful Beau travail that was screened last year in Rotterdam, could easily be in for an unpleasant surprise. This also befell the many critics who attended the première of this latest Denis film at the Cannes festival: the film was greeted with booing and had the dubious honour of causing the first real commotion at the festival. This time, the film is not a gentle family drama such as Nénette et Boni and nor is it pure visual entertainment such as Beau travail, but a bloody spectacle about desire and love, about the thin line between a kiss and a bite. The saying `I could eat you up' gets a very literal meaning in Trouble Everyday.A newlywed American couple arrives in Paris. On their honeymoon, of course, but also for something else. The husband, Shane (Vincent Gallo), is looking for an old colleague, a doctor who has important information about an extreme problem faced by Shane. Then it becomes apparent that this doctor Semeneau has gone into hiding to protect his wife Coré (Beatrice 'La Grande Bouche' Dalle), who has a very great appetite for love.The quest for the hidden and darkest areas of our brains unfolds at a slow tempo, fragmented, with sparse dialogues and restrained acting. The music is by Tindersticks that was also responsible for the soundtrack of Nénette et Boni.
Claire Denis
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2002
Georges Benayoun, Messoud/a Films, Rezo Films, Jean Michel Rey, Philippe Liégeois
Wild Bunch
Claire Denis
Tricia Vessey, Vincent Gallo, Alex Descas
Local Distributor
Paradiso Filmed Entertainment (oud)