Les enfants de l'amour

  • 90'
  • Belgium
  • 2001
Originally the makers of Les enfants de l'amour wanted to make a documentary about the damage done to children when their parents divorce. The family that was found after thorough research, on second thoughts refused to allow itself to be filmed. With the material from the preliminary conversations, that was too interesting to throw away, a film script was written that remains close to reality.While she is still young, Nathalie finds herself with three children by two different men, from both of whom she is divorced. As a result of these divorces, eightyearold Winnie ended up seeing a psychologist. She has to spend every other weekend with her father, while she would rather go with her halfsister Aurelie to her exstepfather. Her elder brother Michael however has a great dislike of their exstepfather, who he regards as the reason for their parent's divorce. The film is set in one of the weekends that the children spend with their fathers. Mother Nathalie regards these weekends as welcome breaks in her hard life: Two days to be young and to hit the town. On her return, all three children are wrestling with sorrow in their own way.The children, and especially the girl playing Winnie, are very believable as actors. That makes the film, also thanks to the documentary style used, very realistic and gripping from start to finish.
Geoffrey Enthoven
International premiere
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Festival Edition
IFFR 2002
Betacam SP PAL
Fobic Films
Fobic Films
Geoffrey Enthoven
Geoffrey Enthoven