IFFR Young Selectors: Victoria

IFFR Young Selectors are Rotterdam youngsters Oseno, Sofie, Marije, and Yacine. During IFFR 2017 they programmed a film night in their own way. Now they get the chance to call the shots throughout the year. Expect controversial film nights you will not forget easily. We'll go citytripping through Rotterdam and the first stop is Berlin.

IFFR Young Selectors

Get ready for Sebastian Schipper’s blood-curdling thriller Victoria. Shot in one take, this exhilarating two hour long film takes you through the streets of Berlin in the mysterious hours before day advances upon night. Right from the start you experience a strong feeling of slumbering fear. When the youthful and reckless Victoria gets picked up by a group of Berliners after an intoxicating night out, a deep underlying sense of tension is inescapable and something is bound to go horribly wrong.

Does the fact that the film is taken in one shot add anything to the cinema experience or revolutionize the way we look at film, or is it a mere technological triumph? Share your opinion and join us after the screening for an in-depth Q&A.
In one take we will present you high quality film, a different kind of Q&A, Berlin’s finest sauerkraut, cheap bottled beers, live music, a club night with Rotterdam’s finest DJ’s and mystical night creatures that will guide you through the night.


Live Act: Venderstrooik.
The dreamcatchers of Alpha, to mold in a corner, DJ fleshwall, shinshover attack, Theo's sauce, sour seal. The Sjinissing-being robs me of the flesh. Nibble pig, little man cunt. Forget the nonsense, and let us put the hardcore gangster trance from overweight underbellies on display, without delay we present you instant Krankenhouse gabber noise from past/future days.
DJ: Lin Tonic and Simone.
Lin Tonic is the founder and resident DJ of LOKA. The first parties began at Hoboken where a certain style and sound was created.
Simone is someone who you have to find within yourself through music and film. Simone is a violent yet mystical being that doesn't really give a shit about human beings. Simone needs help. 


From 18:30 hours: doors open, grab some food and drinks
19:45 hours: Q&A part 1
20:00 hours: start Victoria
22:40 hours: Q&A part 2
From 23:00 hours: dance into the night

IFFR Young Selectors is supported by RabobankRotterdamFonds.

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  • IFFR Young Selectors: Victoria
  • IFFR Young Selectors: Victoria
  • IFFR Young Selectors: Victoria
  • IFFR Young Selectors: Victoria