IFFR Young Selectors: Timbuktu

IFFR Young Selectors are Rotterdam youngsters Oseno, Sofie, Marije, and Yacine. During IFFR 2017 they programmed a film night in their own way. Now they get the chance to call the shots throughout the year. Expect controversial film nights you will not forget easily. We'll go citytripping through Rotterdam and after first stop Berlin we are now going to explore Timbuktu.

IFFR Young Selectors logoThis time, IFFR Young Selectors brings you a special collaboration with LOKA! Together we will fill up MONO with high quality film, art, visuals, performance, an in-depth Q&A and music by LOKA. We will screen the poetic film Timbuktu (IFFR 2015) by one of Africa’s most exciting directors: Abderrahmane Sissako. The film is shot in the stunning landscape of the Sahara and shows a city with a mystical aspect to it. Originally initiated as a documentary, Sissako felt the need to speak about Timbuktu: an ancient city where open-minded people regards belief come together. He shows how the fanatical jihadists take over the city to control the everyday life to suppress woman and impose bans on all joy's of life, such as smoking, football and music.

Afterwards LOKA will take you into a musical journey with L'afrique Discothèque, a club night where they explore their personal selection of african funk, disco, afrobeat and house. Art is curated by Unloop and the visuals are by Viezewil.

IFFR Young Selectors is supported by RabobankRotterdamFonds.

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