Get ready for our 50th edition online in February

08 January 2021

50th edition

Get ready for the festival kicking off from 1 to 7 February and the IFFR Pro Days from 1 to 5 February. Explore the programme, find your favourite films, panels and workshops to fill your daily schedule

Get ready for the festival kicking off from 1 to 7 February and the IFFR Pro Days from 1 to 5 February. Explore the programme to find your favourite films, panels and workshops to fill your daily schedule.

Please note: the regular film programme is only available to view on in the Netherlands and with a ticket. IFFR guests with accreditation are offered the IFFR 2021 film selection worldwide through Festival Scope.

The extended 50th edition of IFFR will kick off online from 1 to 7 February 2021, on our tailor-made platform, and continue onwards in various formats into June. IFFR 2021 was designed with full attention for our audiences and guests' health and safety. We fashioned our reimagined format for 2021 by adapting to the ever-changing Covid-19 crisis and responding to the latest governmental safety regulations in the Netherlands. At the heart of this redesign lies our continuous commitment to reach out to and support filmmakers, industry members, partners, suppliers and audiences.

On 12 January, the Dutch government announced an extension of the national lockdown and closure of public venues, including cinemas, up to and including 9 February. With our online platform, we remain true to our long-established tradition of innovation and experimentation and are offering a unique hub for our filmmaking community to access emerging film talent. 

Experience the festival as a film and press professional (worldwide or in the Netherlands)

Watching films in the IFFR 2021 February selection

Accredited professionals attending the IFFR Pro Days, Rotterdam Lab or CineMart, as well as accredited press, can view films from the official selection of IFFR 2021 through Festival Scope Pro. This platform replaces the usual ‘Press & Industry screenings’ that take place at the physical festival. This includes pre-recorded interviews with filmmakers. In addition to access to Festival Scope, where films are accessible a day ahead of their public premiere, accredited press based in the Netherlands can also reserve free tickets and watch the live premieres on, this includes live Q&As.

To the Screening Room

Viewing Big Talks and IFFR Daily Talk

Big Talks and the IFFR Daily Talk can be viewed on for free and worldwide. You can navigate towards the relevant page through the programme overview to attend. The stream can be accessed there (no account or accreditation required) from 20 minutes before the start. However, there is an advantage to being logged in: placing these events in your Agenda (by clicking the agenda icon in the table on the respective event’s page) ensures that you have easy access to the stream from your personal Agenda overview in your account. 

More about the Big Talks

Attending Pro Days events and press conferences

Live events (like the Pro Hub panels, Press Conferences and CineMart Spotlight) that you can access as an accredited professional can also be accessed through their respective event pages on The stream can be accessed 20 minutes before the start of the event. If you are specifically invited to attend one of these events, our Pro team at IFFR may have added this to the Agenda overview in your personal account environment. Don’t hesitate to contact us via the live chat on the bottom right of your screen if you have questions about this. 

View these events on the programme overview page

Attending meetings

If you are scheduled to attend any meetings, you can access them via the Agenda in your personal account. You can not find them via our Programme overview pages. Every meeting entry in your agenda has a yellow button, which you can use to open the meeting on that page. As soon as the meeting is accessible, the yellow button will become active. If you are waiting, you may have to refresh your page to see the active button. Please note that all meetings are scheduled on Rotterdam time (CET) and the current Rotterdam time is always visible on your Agenda page. 

View your agenda

Experience the festival as audience from within the Netherlands

Viewing the official film selection on

Every film in the IFFR 2021 programme will be available online as a timed premiere screening (whenever possible with live Q&A) and also as an on demand programme, which remains available for 72 hours after the premiere. You can choose to experience the premiere together with other festival visitors or to enjoy the flexibility of watching on demand. 

On Wednesday 20 January all of the screening times were published on From your Favourites overview in your account, you can choose which screenings, events and on demand programmes you would like to place in your Agenda. You can also do this via the film page or from the IFFR Film Finder. 

Film programme and favouriting films

Our film lineup for the first part of IFFR 2021 in February is online! Browse here. We now invite you to create a personal account or log in to select your favourite films from the programme. Can’t decide which films you want to watch? Try our IFFR Film Finder tool which gets to know what you like and leads you to the films that suit you best. 

Dates for ticket sales

Ticket sales start on Friday 22 January at 20:00 hours. You can buy tickets for the screenings, events and on demand programmes you have selected, right from your Agenda overview. You can also buy tickets directly from the film pages. Check the Ticket Sales FAQ page for further details.

Your festival agenda 

Once the festival has started, you can use the Agenda overview in your account environment to gain access to any online programme you have booked tickets for.


Experiencing IFFR 2021 from home

You can find our practical information on how to experience IFFR from home here.

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