When will ticket sales start for the festival?

The online ticket sale for the 49th edition of International Film Festival Rotterdam is expected to start on Friday 17 January 2020 at 20:00 hrs. Tiger Members, Tiger Members with IFFR Unleashed and Tiger Members Supreme can purchase their tickets one day before official ticket sale start: from Thursday 16 January 2020 at 20:00 hrs.

Where can I buy tickets?

In the presale, you can only order tickets online on this website. On Thursday 16 and Friday 17 January 2020 the ticket sale makes use of a digital queuing system. The queuing system ensures that the large numbers of people using the website pass through the ordering process in the smoothest possible way. Here you can find tips and tricks about the digital queuing system.

During the festival, tickets are available online, via the IFFR app, as well as at the box offices at de Doelen and all other festival locations.

What is an e-ticket and how does it work?

After purchasing tickets on this website, you will receive an email with a PDF file as an attachment for every individual screening: the e-ticket. An e-ticket guarantees entry to the corresponding film screening. The bar code on the e-ticket will be scanned at the door, on the IFFR app, smartphone or tablet, on your printed e-ticket. 

The tickets you purchased will be in your MyIFFR account on can also be used on smartphones and tablets in our IFFR App. After logging in with your MyIFFR account you have the ticket right away in the app on your smartphone. On a tablet you can download the tickets as a PDF. The tickets can then be scanned from your smartphone or tablet at the entrance of the cinema. Turn up the brightness of your device to be sure your ticket can be scanned.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have bought tickets, but did not receive a confirmation email, please check your spambox. If you have bought tickets with a Tiger Membership, Tiger Membership with IFFR Unleashed, or a Tiger Membership Supreme, you will not receive e-tickets, but instead your tickets will be virtually uploaded to your pass. If you have bought tickets with student discount, please bring your student card along with your confirmation email to the festival box offices to pick up your tickets.

How many tickets may I purchase?

You may buy a maximum 20 tickets per person per screening for the regular price. PLEASE NOTE: during the online sales from 18 January 2019 (or 17 January for Tiger Members, Tiger Members with IFFR Unleashed, and Tiger Members Supreme), you have one hour to complete your order. You will be warned about this when placing an order in your online shopping cart. Should you not complete your order within an hour, your shopping cart will be emptied automatically. When ordering online during the festival, you have fifteen minutes to complete your orders.

Where can I buy Last-minute tickets?

Tickets that have not been sold thirty minutes before the screenings will be sold for half the price online and at the cinema box offices as Last-minute tickets. Online you can buy these Last-minute tickets in the IFFR App, the programme schedule or on the webpage of the film. You can purchase these tickets online until ten minutes before the start of the film and at the box offices until the film begins.

Is it possible to return or trade purchases?

Returning online purchases is not possible. These are definite once the payment process has been completed. However, it is possible to swap ticket(s) for regular screenings at the box offices for a surcharge of €2 per ticket. This is possible up to two hours prior to each regular screening.

I prefer not to order online. Can I still purchase tickets?

Yes. During the festival, you may purchase tickets at the central box office in festival center de Doelen and from the box offices at the various festival locations.

Are there any (free) activities that I do not need to purchase tickets for?

Absolutely. IFFR's full programme may be found in the programme insert in the Volkskrant (newspaper), in our daily publication IFFR Today and on this website. The programme also lists the activities that are free. Examples of free activities are: some Masterclasses & Talks, program components of Art Directions, Scopitone and parties.
Click here for an overview of all free activities. 

Do I get a discount with my Cineville pass?

With your Cineville pass you can get free access to the full short and mid-length programme. Show your Cinevillepas at the festival cash desk of the location where the film will be screened, one hour before it starts.

For more information about using your Cineville during IFFR, go to

Do I get a discount with my CJP pass?

With your CJP pass you get a discount of €4 per regular ticket. You will pay €8 per regular ticket. Another discount rate is applied for Decoded, the CJP event during IFFR: €19 instead of €25.

Do I get a discount with my Rotterdam pass?

You can use your Rotterdam pass to get last minute tickets for non-sold out films for free. The last minute phase starts 30 minutes before the screening. This does not apply to online purchases. You can only collect tickets at the participating theaters when using the Rotterdam pass.

Do I get a discount as We Are Public member?

We Are Public members enjoy free entry to all four sound//vision nights (24 – 27 January) and to one film screening. Reserve your tickets on the website of We Are Public.

Where can I buy Final-seat tickets?

For a number of reasons a sold out film theatre can dispose of unoccupied seats. These Final-seat tickets will be sold for a regular price at the cinema box offices, when the film begins. No tickets will be sold for unoccupied seats at sold-out premieres and for the short film programme

Is your question still unanswered?

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