Proyecto Fantasma

  • 97'
  • Chile
  • 2022

Waiting for his big dream (a film role) to come true, Pablo works as a training actor in a patient-care programme at a medical faculty and a paid participant in group therapy sessions. To make ends meet, he sublets a room in his apartment in a suburb of Santiago de Chile. However, he seems to have lost control when his housemate departs, leaving him with rent arrears, a collection of plants, a dog, a woolly jumper, and ... a house ghost. Pablo is 30, and when it comes to romance he is also chasing apparitions. He is secretly still in love with his ex-boyfriend, a popular YouTuber.

Using his own flat as the principal shooting location, director Roberto Doveris (Las plantas, 2015) stays close to home for his second feature film. The flat serves as a base, for an excursion that examines every aspect of the material and social structures that make up the characteristic urban district of Ñuñoa. Airily edited slices of life, sometimes pasted over transparent line animations, create an augmented reality that depicts the intangible aspects of the world Pablo and his peers inhabit. The village intimacy of neighbourhood life and the huge reach of their social media accounts, form both a naturally cohesive whole for this group of creatives seeking expression and an inexhaustible source of recognition, friendship, and hope.

Available on Festival Scope Pro from 26 January 9:00 CET to 14 February 9:00 CET

Roberto Doveris
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
P&I Selection 2022
International title
Phantom Project
Roberto Doveris, Aura Sinclair
Production Companies
Niña Niño Films, Agencia Rekia
Patra Spanou Film
Roberto Doveris
Patricio Alfaro
Sylvana Squicciarini
Production Design
Constian De La Rosa
Sound Design
Mauricio Flores
Juan Cano, Ingrid Isensee, Violeta Castillo, Fernanda Toledo, Fernando Castillo, Yasmín Ludueñas, Natalia Grez