Erasmus @ IFFR Film Night 2020


Like previous years, IFFR and Erasmus University join forces with their own programme, including Erasmus @ IFFR Film Night, an exclusive screening with special discount for students and employees of Erasmus. This year: Boyz in the Wood.

When the three biggest losers at their school are chosen to compete for the Duke of Edinburgh Award, the boys – Dean, Duncan and DJ Beatroot (not his real name really) – have to make their way across the Scottish Highlands accompanied by the nerd Ian. A huge sign about missing children at the start of the trek bodes ill.

About the film

The hunt is opened in Boyz in the Wood. A duke watches through his binoculars while the clueless teens complain about fresh air and use their map to smoke really flammable hash. This initiates a bizarre game of cat and mouse, full of idiotic decisions and wacky plot twists. Lightning-fast editing and two paranoid local cops complete the chaos in Ninian Doff's directorial debut. Want to chuck in a message about the inter-generational gap? Why not!

Thu 30 Jan, 21:00, Cinerama 3, regular ticket prices are €9 and €5 for students. English spoken.