Director centered

Through the VOD platform IFFR Unleashed, IFFR offers filmmakers a podium to show their work to broad and international audiences. How do we do that?

  • Filmmakers and rights holders receive a fair share - 50% of the revenue generated by their film. The other 50% is spent to be sure we have the best tools to generate the most attention for your film.
  • IFFR utilises its existing community and brand name to quickly reach a large online film loving audience.
  • We will showcase the unique films, directors and content on our platform through a marketing communications campaign designed to engage film enthusiasts in the Netherlands and worldwide.
  • We are non-exclusive so you are free to explore other VOD channels as well, allowing you to maximise the film’s potential.
  • Rights holders are in complete control over where and when a film is released. If you need to restrict access in certain countries that is no problem at all.
  • We provide detailed reports with information on who is watching your film and where.
  • Limited or no costs for material delivery and encoding.
  • We at IFFR want to draw attention not just to the films we hold dear, but also to the makers of those films. In the presentation of our content we take a director centered approach, meaning the filmmakers play a role in the curation and marketing of the platform.