Deep Focus


Taking an in-depth look at contemporary filmmaking, Deep Focus explores the world of cinema with compilations, retrospectives, masterclasses, original thematic programmes and various other formats. Deep Focus is the connoisseur’s comfort zone, where a deeper appreciation of the film art is cultivated in all its variety. This section includes:


New work from established makers, auteurs and festival veterans.

Lav Diaz

Signatures brings together a variety of filmmakers whose common feature is that they have developed and maintained a very personal, signature style. Building a body of work without concessions, their careers are sometimes celebrated, sometimes relegated to an obscure side-paths within the world of cinema. From Albert Serra to Lav Diaz, from Angela Schanelec to Phillip Garrel, these single-minded auteurs prove that it is still possible to forge a unique and coherent oeuvre.


Drawing upon cinematic memories.


Each year Regained presents around a dozen features, documentaries and film-related art that either explicitly or implicitly establish a particular dialogue with cinema’s history. These include film essays, restorations, remakes, portraits, found footage films, but also a performance or installation that revives forgotten characteristics of the medium.

Filmmakers in Focus and Retrospectives

Those who deserve the extra attention.


Each edition IFFR presents one or more bodies of work that deserves to be (re)discovered. Usually at the occasion of a new film by the filmmaker, his or her artistic trajectory is brought back into consideration with a focus programme or even a full retrospective.

Deep Focus Short Films

Short specials.

Where is Kurdistan

IFFR’s short film section is one of the largest and most significant showcases for short filmmaking and artists’ moving image in the world. The selection covers a spectrum of moving image practice that includes auteur-driven narrative works, experimental films, works by visual artists and films that refuse to be pinpointed to existing genres or styles. The Deep Focus short films programme presents retrospectives of invited filmmakers. It also presents Masterclass, a series of lectures by invited filmmakers and artists, open for all audiences.