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Chloé Atkinson

Chloé is originally from Manchester (UK) but moved to Barcelona in 2014, after completing a Masters in Visual Anthropology. She has worked at Polar Star Films, a well-established production company specialising in creative documentary and fiction films, since 2019. Chloé’s focus and passion is primarily creative and development production; she often works closely with directors and writers in the early stages of their projects. She produced her first short documentary, When The Mountain Rumbles in 2021. The film has screened and won several awards at a number of top European festivals including; IDFA, Sheffield, Málaga and FIPADOC. Amongst other projects, Chloé is currently working on a new historical feature fiction and a short hybrid documentary.

Polar Star Films - Spain

For more than 25 years, Polar Star Films has produced creative documentary and fiction features for the international market. The company prides itself on its author driven, innovatively told stories which always intend to explore and provoke the most challenging questions of our time. The company also seeks to foster and collaborate with new talent in the industry, often working with female led creative and technical teams.


Projects in development

The Force by Xavier Artigas (feature)

Walls by Gala Diaz (short)


Projects in production

The Click Trap by Peter Porta (documentary feature)

Mums by Ariadna Seuba (documentary feature)


Projects in post-production

Balloon Wars, Sissel Morell Dargis (documentary feature)


Released films

Who Killed the Dolphin King by Luis Ansorena Hervés & Ernest Riera (documentary feature)

Dúo by Mertitxell Colell (feature)

McCurry, The Pursuit of Color by Denis Delestrac (documentary feature)

Chloé Atkinson

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