The Part of the Day When You Are Not Here

Tessel (14) is enjoying her summer holiday and her budding first love when she finds out about a big secret which flips her whole world upside down. Her mother Celine works as a prostitute. Tessel and Celine have to find a way to restore their once symbiotic bond, whilst dealing with a secret and expectations from society.

Concept still, credit: Hannah Altmann

Concept still, credit: Hannah Altmann

Concept still, credit: Hannah Altmann

What have you achieved so far with the BoostNL programme?

Through BoostNL and the meetings we have had so far, it became clear to us what story we’re telling and what the strong points of the film are, and what points we still have to work on. We’ve also gotten a better understanding of how we can aim the narrative to an audience.

What would be your ideal next steps for your project?

Talking to more people to create depth to the project (like sexworkers, and a dream analyst) and making connections to distributors and sales agents to whom we could send a first draft when we are ready to share it.

Director’s bio:

Nicole Jachmann was born in Beek, the Netherlands. During childhood she experienced all kinds of adventures together with her brothers, often taking place in an imaginary world. Making films is an excuse to get back in touch with her inner child. Nicole studied journalism and liberal arts and sciences, for which she spent a semester at Pitzer college in California. Afterwards she moved to Berlin for a screenwriting course. Since then, she has worked in a number of roles on various films and tv-programmes. Although there are many different themes that interest her, gender and sexuality are recurring topics. Her short film Funkele premiered at Berlinale Generation 14plus (2022). The Part of the Day When You Are Not Here will be her debut feature film. 

Producer’s bio: 

Loes Komen and Eva Verweij founded their production company Room for Film in 2017. Their film Marlon Brando (Vincent Tilanus) was selected for Cannes Semaine de la Critique 2020, TIFF 2020 and was the Oscar submission. When Grey is a Colour (Marit Weerheijm) won a Student Oscar and won the two main jury prizes at TIFFKids. En Route (Marit Weerheijm) premiered at Berlinale Generations and won a Gouden Kalf at the Netherlands Filmfestival in 2019. Loes was a participant of Berlinale Talents 2019, Rotterdam Lab at IFFR 2018 and was a Talent on Route at the HFM in 2018. Eva and Loes are guest lecturers at the Netherlands Filmacademy in Amsterdam and give masterclasses and workshops in producing films.

Nicole Jachmann, director 

Director's portrait

Loes Komen, producer

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