Nunca seré policía

I start from the home archive of my uncle Jorge. With no intention of making a film, he recorded for 35 years the most beautiful images of our family's daily life. For 35 years he recorded the most beautiful images of the daily life of our family of police officers. One Christmas my uncle filmed me with my first camera. The film continues from my hand, thinking about the abolition of the police. I film the Chilean political process, the emergence of the feminist force, the neighbourhood assemblies, the popular revolt of October 2019, the political prisoners who emerged in this revolutionary process, and the desolate present, where it seems that institutionality and democracy do not allow the limits of capital to be moved. In this film I try to think about the political process we are in, the rise of facism, the left-parties that only seems to have the option of giving in and the beautiful possibility of lighting a new revolutionary fire, despite everything.

What have you achieved so far with the BoostNL programme? 

After several meetings, besides winning a prize in the first instance that will help us in the post production process, we had contact and meetings with several potential co-producers that we hope to meet in Rotterdam in person. 

What would be your ideal next steps for your project? 

We are in the final stages of editing the film. After several months of editing in the last semester, the progress has been significant. Today we have a cut closer to what we have in mind as a film and we hope that in March 2023, after the Chilean summer, we will finish the editing. 

The ideal scenario is to start post-production in April 2023 and release in the second semester of the same year or in the festivals at the beginning of the year in 2024. 


Nunca seré policia Film Still_2.png

Nunca seré policia_film still_1

Director’s Bio: 

Camila Moscoso is a film and TV producer and editor. She graduated from the University of Chile and did a master's in creative documentary at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. 

She has worked as a director and editor in several projects of video clip, animation, visuals, theater and cinema. She has edited the films La partitura, Históricas and Ritmos de la norte.

Visión Nocturna is her first feature film. Carolina is currently developing her second feature film Nunca seré policía. In the meantime, she teaches filmmaking at the Universidad Austral de Chile and the Universidad de Chile.


Producer’s Bio: 

Camila José Donoso's cinema is a cinema of transformation. Over the course of her three films, Naomi campbell (2013), Casa Roshell (2017) and Nona, si me mojan, yo los quemo (2019), the Chilean director, born in 1988, built a corpus of aesthetic experimentation and powerful invention that addresses urgent issues of our present day. Camila's films have been screened at important festivals such as International Film Festival Rotterdam, Cinéma du reel, Berlinale, Locarno, FicValdivia, Mar del Plata, among others. 

She is currently shooting his fourth film Antitropical, recently winner of the Audiovisual Fund in Chile, and producing Nunca seré policía by Carolina Moscoso, a documentary that won the Hubert Bals Development Fund in 2021 as well as the jury prize at FidLab in FidMarseille.


Carolina Moscoso, director

Carolina Moscoso, director

Camila José Donoso, producer

Camila José Donoso, producer