What’s on today: Sunday 26 January

An IFFR day ahead of you? Every day we help you with the best tips: unmissable films, compilation programmes, art or music that we think are more than worth your while. And yes, tickets are available too. Check out our highlights for Sunday 26 January.


Jeanne d'Arc by Bruno Dumont
The story of 15th-century French national heroine Jeanne d'Arc has been filmed many times, but never this eccentrically and experimentally. After dealing with her youth in Jeannette, this sequel depicts her downfall when she was accused of heresy and witchcraft.
13:00, Pathé 5

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Drama Girl by van Vincent Boy Kars
Can drama help us understand ourselves and the world better? Assisted by experienced actors, including Pierre Bokma and Elsie de Brauw, director Vincent Boy Kars re-enacts scenes from the life of Leyla, a young woman who is subjected to a certain amount of confusion in this intriguing experiment. What is still real, and what is fiction?
13:30, TR Schouwburg Grote Zaal

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Wisdom Tooth by Liang Ming
Thriller/coming-of-age film in which Guxi and her half-brother’s harmonious lives are shaken up by an attractive woman who brings adventure and danger. Tension rises in a world that shifts from colourful and warm, to cold and threatening.
16:15, de Doelen Willem Burger Zaal

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Saint Maud by Rose Glass
Young nurse Maud not only takes care of the bodily ills of her incurable patient, former dancer Amanda, but also sets out to save her soul. In this slow-burn horror, it gradually transpires that Maud's devotion is a fragile mask for her own traumas.
19:30, de Doelen Willem Burger Zaal

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The Orphanage by Shahrbanoo Sadat
With humour and a dash of nostalgia, we follow fifteen-year-old Qodrat, who ends up in an orphanage during Afghanistan's Soviet-oriented period in the 1980s. The realism is breached at crucial, dramatic moments by big songs done in full Bollywood style, with Qodrat imagining himself a film star in his own story.
19:45, TR Schouwburg Grote Zaal

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Short Film

Ammodo Tiger Short Competition 6
The power of short: films compete in the short film selection to three equivalent prizes, The Ammodo Tiger Short Awards. In this programme new work of Isabel Pagliai, Rosa Barba en Dorian Jespers.
19:00, Pathé 7

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Ceremony Ammodo Tiger Short Awards
Award ceremony of the short film competition. Three filmmakers will win an Ammodo Tiger Short Award and €5,000.
21:00, WORM, gratis toegang


Operator Radio ft. Don Letts
Follow the live stream of Operator Radio on our Facebook page from 16:00 hours this afternoon. The coolest Rotterdam radio station is talking to Don Letts, the man who injected black music into the early punk scene in London and made more than three hundred video clips. The story of The Don is the subject of William E. Badgley's documentary Rebel Dread, screened tonight at 20:00 hours. in Scopitone Café. Afterwards Don plays records from his rich record collection!

After the film screenings, IFFR continues at club IFFR! Join us every day for exciting live performances and your favourite DJs at Theater Rotterdam Schouw. Tonight’s host: The Daily Indie, with live performance van Someone.
23:00 till late, TR Schouwburg, free admission with your filmticket or festival pass

Photo in header: Still: Waldeinsamkeit