Videoland Academy second selection

05 October 2020

Videoland Academy © Bas Czerwinski

For the second edition of the Videoland Academy, twelve talented makers with their fiction and documentary projects have been selected from more than 160 applications. During the talent development process, the selected makers receive a financial contribution, guidance from various professionals and they follow several workshops to further develop their projects. 

The themes for the second edition of Videoland Academy are Modern Fantasy (fiction) and Family (documentary). The following creators have incorporated the themes in their applications in a surprising way and have been selected by the Videoland Academy to further develop their projects:

  • Inge Sonderen (fiction)
  • Reinier Smit (fiction)
  • Pepijn van Weeren (fiction)
  • Jörgen Scholtens (fiction)
  • Sarah Offringa (fiction)
  • Sander van Dijk (fiction)
  • Sergej Groenhart (fiction)
  • Nena van Driel (fiction)
  • Wessel de Vries (fiction)
  • Marthe Naber Heuer (documentary)
  • Wouter van Couwelaar (documentary)
  • Will Falize (documentary)

Theme fiction: Modern Fantasy

The Videoland Academy wants to challenge fiction makers with the theme of Modern Fantasy to add a little fantasy to our reality. By drawing inspiration from contemporary society, personal events or influential trends that are relevant in the Netherlands. From parallel societies to magical powers; anything is possible as long as there is a local, recognizable and enormously powerful story at the basis: “The Netherlands with a touch of fantasy”.

Documentary theme: Family

Under the Family theme, the Videoland Academy is looking for stories about mysterious, criminal or intriguing families of all shapes and sizes. From social, political to interpersonal, a unique insight into high-profile families in the Netherlands.

About the Videoland Academy

The Videoland Academy wants to offer a new batch of makers the opportunity to develop and gain experience within the professional professional practice in which commercial interests also play a role. For at least the next three years, the Videoland Academy offers a platform for this and supports new talent financially and in terms of content. Videoland Academy is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund and is in collaboration with the NFF, IDFA, IFFR and Dr. Script. Other partners are Buma Cultuur, Netherlands Film Academy, Planet X and Filmmore.

Each edition of the Videoland Academy consists of the following steps:

  • New film talent can register with film ideas for the themes of the relevant edition;
  • A maximum of six fiction projects and three documentary projects will be selected from all applications for the elaboration of the treatments;
  • The final selection is made where a maximum of three fiction projects and one documentary project receive support from the Videoland Academy. After this, they go on to write the screenplays and are matched to a producer with the ultimate goal of completing and premiering the films at one of the partner festivals and at Videoland.

The first edition of the Videoland Academy is also still in full swing. For more information, visit or follow the Videoland Academy via Instagram: @


Videoland Academy

Videoland Academy is a new talent development trajectory for Videoland and a collaboration with International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA), the Nederlands Film Festival (NFF), Dr. Script and the Dutch Film Fund.

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