Videoland Academy at IDFA

Videoland Academy has brought together three major Dutch film festivals with a unique new talent development trajectory. 

After the kick-off during NFF, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam is now around the corner. Videoland Academy organises two meetings during IDFA.

Lecture Alex Gibney

Sunday, 24 November, 19.30–21.00 hours
Brakke Grond-Tuinzaal, Amsterdam

Documentary series are popular and there is high demand. But it requires specific knowledge and skills to make them. In this Industry session, hosted by Videoland, award-winning documentary maker Alex Gibney provides insight into how he works. How creating a documentary series for different platforms works, what it means to deal with complex environments and dangerous topics and how you interweave them together in a good story.

The lecture

Alex Gibney at IDFA

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Gibney has been working as a producer and director of both long documentaries and documentary series since the 1980s. His filmography includes Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005), Taxi to the Dark Side (2007) and Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief (2015) and series such as Death Row Stories (2014-2019) and Dirty Money (2018). Gibney is present at IDFA to present his latest film Citizen K..

Idea check; documentary and fiction

Sunday, 24 November, 16:00–17:00 hours
Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam

Do you want to know if your documentary or fiction plan is eligible for the Videoland Academy? And do you have questions about the themes "Grounded Sci-Fi" and "True Crime"?

Then have your idea checked by the professionals involved in Videoland Academy. On Sunday afternoon, 24 November, they will be present at IDFA to talk to filmmakers about their ideas. Send a short synopsis of your documentary or fiction plan and in short what you would like to ask.


A lot of writers checked their plan

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Videoland Academy

Videoland Academy is a talent development trajectory that wants to offer a new generation of makers the opportunity to develop and gain experience within professional practice in which commercial interests also play a role. Videoland Academy is a collaboration between Videoland and NFF, IDFA, IFFR and Dr. Script, supported by the Dutch Film Fund.

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