Tiger Teaser #1: American Honey

We are heading towards Planet IFFR at high velocity. Major Tiger occasionally gets into contact with Ground Control to report on what he sees through his telescope. Starting today, every Thursday will be a Tiger Teaser Thursday. A Tiger Teaser is a sneak preview of the programme for IFFR 2017. We kick off with a film that has been high on the wish lists of programmers as well as loyal visitors of our festival. Because sometimes you just know a film is going to be big.

With pride we announce the film American Honey and the presence of filmmaker Andrea Arnold. American Honey is the first American film of the British Andrea Arnold, who also made the poignant drama Fish Tank (IFFR Open aiR 2009) and the shocking thriller Red Road (IFFR 2007), the latter as part of Lars von Triers experimental Advance Party-project. Andrea Arnold won the Grand Juryprize in Cannes for all these three films.

“Anybody gonna miss you?” “Not really.” “Good, you’re hired.” This is how teenager Star (a striking debut by Sasha Lane) begins a career as a hawker of magazines when she leaves home and joins a motley group of young people (most of whom are played by amateurs) as they smoke weed, sing, make love, steal, quarrel and fight their way across the USA in a van.

Like all road movies, American Honey is about an inner journey (along the way Star falls for her flirty colleague Jake, played by Shia LaBeouf), meanwhile giving a rare impression of young people trying to find their way in the underbelly of American society. A depressing look at the US economy, but an optimistic view of the power of youth.

American Honey is one of the Limelight-filmtitles for IFFR 2017. Limelight is part of the section Voices: films driven by powerful stories, captivating subjects and important themes. For Limelight, we work together with Dutch distributors to further support the launch of a selection of about thirty films. IFFR offers you the opportunity to enjoy these big, compelling films for the first time. An exclusive chance to see a coming attraction before the masses. American Honey is one of those films.

By the way, the films comes with a banger of a soundtrack:

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