Three new titles selected for IFFR Live

IFFR has added three new titles to the line-up of IFFR Live: the documentary feature Erbarme Dich - Matthäus Passion Stories and two feature films, Speed Walking and Melody. IFFR Live will screen a series of five film premieres during IFFR 2015 and simultaneously beam them to cinemas and VOD platforms in multiple territories across Europe.

Erbarme Dich - Matthäus Passion Stories is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Ramón Gieling (Johan Cruijff: en un momento dado), a powerful film which revolves around a choir and orchestra's performance of J.S. Bach's St Matthew Passion and its effect on the wider community.

Niels Arden Oplev (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) will present Speed Walking, a moving and funny drama starring Sidse Babett Knudsen (Borgen) and Pilou Asbaek (Spies & Glistrup).

Bernard Bellefroid's (The Boat Race) will also be in Rotterdam to present his award-winning second film Melody which features rising star Lucie Debay and Rachael Blake (Sleeping Beauty), who shared the Best Actress award at the recent Montreal World Film Festival for their roles in this gripping story of a young surrogate mother and her relationship with the woman for whom she is carrying the baby.


IFFR previously announced the first of the selected titles, Atlantic. from Dutch writer/director Jan-Willem van Ewijk, which screened to critical acclaim at the recent TIFF. The fifth and final title completing the IFFR Live line-up will be announced shortly.

On making the announcement, festival director Rutger Wolfson commented: 'IFFR Live was conceived as a way of bringing great films from great filmmakers to as wide an international audience as possible. We could not ask for greater films than Erbarme Dich, Speed Walking, Melody and Atlantic. to be part of this inaugural IFFR Live. We look forward to welcoming the filmmakers to IFFR 2015 and are thrilled to be a part of bringing these films to audiences throughout Europe.'

IFFR Live is established in partnership with Fortissimo Films, TrustNordisk and Doc & Film and supported by the European Commission, enhancing the circulation of European films in the digital era.