The economic impact of IFFR

15 September 2020

IFFR tiger in front of central station Rotterdam

Today, as the Dutch government presents its Budget Memorandum, International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) shares its economic impact on Rotterdam in 2020. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has calculated that the 49th edition of IFFR stimulated between €9,8 to €16,1 million extra economic activity in the city. The festival also contributes to Rotterdam’s good reputation, the report says.

Based on IFFR visitors' survey, PwC has calculated IFFR’s economic impact by adding up the extra expenses made by visitors and the expenses made by IFFR, which comes to an estimated €11 to €17,3 million euros. Subtract €1,2 million in subsidies given to IFFR by the city council and the result is 9,8 to 16,1 in extra economic activity in Rotterdam, thanks to IFFR. This calculation only takes into account expenses made in the city of Rotterdam during the festival period of 22 January to 2 February 2020. IFFR activities throughout the year and outside of the city have not been part of this study.

PwC has also researched IFFR’s impact on people’s view of the city. 93% of respondents think that IFFR adds positively to Rotterdam’s reputation. 47% of visitors from outside of Rotterdam say they are considering visiting the city again in the coming year.

Marjan van der Haar, managing director IFFR: "IFFR adds enormous value, both culturally and economically. We stimulate filmmakers from all over the world and show their works to a wide audience. National and international visits to the festival contribute to the international vibe of the city. As our celebratory 50th edition comes closer, we are thrilled that PwC has underlined IFFR’s economic impact. IFFR and Rotterdam belong together; the festival strengthens the city’s international economic and cultural climate.”

Gülbahar Tezel, the PwC partner responsible for the study: “Our study of the 2020 edition shows that the festival has contributed to the economy and reputation of Rotterdam. With this research, PwC wants to show its engagement in the region and the city.”

Read the full report here.

Next to its impact on Rotterdam, IFFR is also researching its international impact. The results of this study will follow later this year.