sound//vision 2017

sound//vision 2017 will be a four-night programme at club WORM in Rotterdam featuring live A/V performances. sound//vision is part of IFFR’s short film programme. 

Thu 26 – Sun 29 Jan, doors open 21:00, programme starts 22:00, open ‘til late!, WORM, Boomgaardstraat 71, €11 per evening, discount tickets €8, free with Cineville pass, tickets and info:

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sound//vision 2017: Thursday 26 January

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The second edition of sound//vision will open with the abstract, yet organic work of Zeno van den Broek who was born in the Netherlands, but resides in Copenhagen. Van den Broek, who trained as an architect, will perform his recent EP Shift Symm live, on which he plays impressively with a spatial language consisting of both images and sound.

Mimicof and Kaliber 16 will conclude Thursday night. Mimicof is Midori Hirano from Japan’s solo project in which she combines detailed rhythmic patterns with melody and harmony.
In a live setting, Mimicof’s audio signal is translated into digital video lines that German visual artist Markus Wambsganss (alias Kaliber 16) manipulates and combines with video from his archive.

sound//vision 2017: Friday 27 January

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This Friday evening kicks off with Ursae Minoris, the brand new performance by filmmaker Joost Rekveld and musicians Dario Calderone and Claudio F. Baroni. To create the music, Baroni translated the positions and clarity of the stars in the Ursa constellation into tones and note lengths. Rekveld’s live visuals are inspired by the light travelling through space, and the visual phenomena this causes. 

PLEASE NOTE: No entry after the performance commences due to its fragility!

Next, British filmmaker Nicky Hamlyn will present his most recent work Quadrants. Hamlyn will use four 16mm projectors to screen four identical loops, each with a repeating pattern of eight images. This hypnotising rhythmic show gains additional dynamism from the moving of the projectors and their monomaniacal rattle.

Catalan duo Adriana Vila Guevara and Luis Macias, equipped with two 16mm and two slide projectors, will conclude Friday night alongside sound artist Alfredo Costa Monteiro. This heavily armed trio’s show Even Silence Is Cause of Storm will provide a visually and aurally overwhelming finale.

The Infamous Mudclub will subsequently guide visitors into the night. Dance the night away at club WORM to New Beat, Retro Electro and Cold Wave.

sound//vision 2017: Saturday 28 January

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Saturday night’s opener is a trio that tonight consists of Les Lacs and Flemish improvising trumpet nomad Bart Maris. Les Lacs is a cooperation between electronic musician Marc Jacobs (aka Prairie) and filmmaker Khristine Gillard. The musicians will improvise to Gillard’s work Eau vive – Conversation with a Cinematographer that will be screened by two 16mm projectors using field recordings, noise, drones and trumpet. 
Subsequently, Maris and pianist Peter Vandenberghe will play new work by their band GLiTS.

South Korean filmmaker and performer Lee Hangjun will show two works during sound//vision. Phantom Schoolgirl Army that consists of military photographs of North Korean spies, will be screened by five 16mm projectors with live support from drummer Phillipp Ernsting from Rotterdam (among other things Albatre). During Lee’s second performance Film Walk he will walk through his own four-projector installation, manually pulling film through thereby manipulating both sound and image. Lee’s musical support will consist of French improv musician Jérôme Noetinger

On Saturday night, Dutch-German duo Christian Baas & Raging Ego will keep visitors on the dance floor until the early hours with their ekkklectic schmucks.

sound//vision 2017: Sunday 29 January

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Sunday night is reserved for a unique collaboration between the PolyBand (mainly based in Amsterdam) and the Filmwerkplaats from Rotterdam. PolyBand is a loosely organised collective surrounding guitarist-bassist Jasper Stadhouders who will play tonight with accordionist Leo Svirksy, guitarist Jeroen Kimman and drummers Onno Govaert and Philipp Moser. PolyBand creates polyrhythmic cycles and polytonal environments, which produces a musical whirlwind. Filmwerkplaats is a Rotterdam based film collective of passionate filmmakers that uses multiple 16mm projectors to create a visual counterpart.

sound//vision 2017 was co-funded by the Goethe Institut and Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond.

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