Short films awards

Tiger Awards for Short film 2008

Still from Ah, Liberty!

The winning short films of the 37th International Film Festival Rotterdam were announced during the awards ceremony for short films on Monday night, 28 January. The three Tiger Awards for Short Film were granted to Ah, Liberty! by Ben Rivers (UK); As I Lay Dying by Ho Yuhang (Malaysia); and Observando el cielo by Jeanne Liotta (US). The Prix UIP Rotterdam Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards went to Joy by Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy (UK). The Prix UIP Jury gave an honourable mention to Unlith van Mihai Grecu (France).

Still from Joy

Liberty! was chosen for ‘its compassion, its refusal of the sentimental, its quick-witted montage and dramaturgy of the everyday’; As I Lay Dying was selected for ‘its picture perfect framings, its smooth and sure-handed embrace’; and Observando el cielo won for ‘its quest narrative of seeing, unafraid of beauty’, according to the jury statement. Unlith received its honorable mention for being ‘An enchanting film that, with its strong visuals and hypnotic soundtrack, transports you into its own mysterious world and leaves you speechless.’ Writing on their selection of Joy, the jury stated: ‘This is a wonderfully cinematic short film where content and form are in perfect balance. With its deliberate slow-motion and skillfully choreographed construction, Joy takes us on a journey not just across the public park of its setting, but on an intriguing imaginative journey.’ SH