Selection announced of BoostNL at NFF

26 August 2020

BoostNL at HFM

Eight projects are selected for the fifth edition of this collaboration between IFFR and NFF.

The selection for the online edition of BoostNL at the 2020 Holland Film Meeting during the Nederlands Film Festival is announced today. The fifth edition of the tailor-made professional programme run in collaboration with IFFR CineMart, will offer essential industry exposure to 8 new projects from The Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt and Georgia. Once again, special attention will be paid to script development as well as advice on festival, sales and marketing strategies. 

The 5-month BoostNL programme, which kicks off online at HFM before concluding at IFFR in January 2021, has become a renowned platform for the development of brilliant audiovisual works, such as The Reports on Sarah and Saleem (Muayad & Rami Alayan), Jessica (Ninja Thyberg) and Sacha Polak’s Dirty God. La última primavera by Isabel Lamberti was part of BoostNL 2018 and HFM 2019, premiered in San Sebastian and is selected for the Golden Calf Awards 2020.

BoostNL at HFM

The Holland Film Meeting at the Nederlands Film Festival will run from 26-29 September 2020

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BoostNL Selectie

  • A Flying Character (Un personaje volador, Argentina) by Martina Juncadella. Producer: Julieta Juncadella (Una Presencia)
    A Flying Character tells a story about overcoming grief. After his mother’s death, a writer tries to clean up his life without succeeding until he finds a way to transform his pain: he will adopt another identity, parallel to his own, independent, with its own history, fears and desires.
  • Holy Electricity (Georgia/The Netherlands) by Tato Kotetishvili. Producers: Irakli Metreveli (Zango Studio), Tekla Machavariani (Nushi Film); Co-producer: The Film Kitchen (NL)
    Nika and Nodo, two crusaders in contemporary Tbilisi, smell business opportunities when giant neon crucifixes appear around town. But selling home-size copies door-to-door turns out less successful than thought. Adding 'holy electricity' as an extra feature seems lucrative, but Nika fears to be doomed to hell. 
  • Jacob’s Way (Jacobsweg, The Netherlands/Ireland) by Eelko Ferwerda & Froukje Tan. Producers: Joram Willink & Maaike Neve (BIND); Co-producer: Vico Films (IE)
    After his dog almost died on his way to Santiago de Compostella, Jacob Splinter, a senior in good physical shape, accepts the invitation of a man to take a break in his holiday home. When Jacob wants to resume his journey, the seemingly hospitable family has no intention of letting him go.
  • The Malstrøm (De Maalstroom, The Netherlands) by Teddy Cherim & Kim Kokosky Deforchaux. Producer: Marten van Warmerdam (Graniet Film)
    While transporting a shipful of white desert sand from Hamburg to a city beach in Rotterdam inland boatman Jan discovers an East-African refugee camp in the hold of his family ship, De Maalstroom. These unexpected passengers force Jan to face the present world that has been passing him by for years.
  • Marina (Brazil) by Laís Santos Araújo & Pethrus Tibúrcio (Aguda Cinema). Producers: Nara Aragão & João Vieira Jr. (Carnaval Filmes)
    Marina, the only black teen in her wealthy private school, prepares for her dreamed 15th birthday party. Meanwhile, dozens of bodies with bullets holes are found in her tropical hometown. She remains unaffected, until she starts hanging out with Pedro, the seamstress’ son, a guy that could be her first love or the next body gunned down.
  • Marionettes (Marionetten, The Netherlands) by Arianne Hinz. Producers: Reinier Selen & Ibrahim Karatay (Rinkel Film & Alchemic Film)
    Marionetten is an elevated psychological horror film about the 11-year-old Lola, who is desperate to belong to a sinister group of children, playing marionettes in a theatre production. Once the children start identifying with their characters, they gradually turn into the identical puppets they play. When the marionettes plan to murder an innocent woman, Lola has to ask herself how much she is willing to sacrifice in order to belong. 
  • The Settlement (Al-Mosta’mara, Egypt/France) by Mohamed Rashad. Producer: Hala Lotfy (Hassala Films); Co-producer: Caracteres Productions (FR)
    The blade factory witnessed their father’s death. The only compensation offered to Hossam and Maro to relinquish their legal rights is to work in the same position as their father, next to the same person who caused their father’s accidental death.
  • Wood (Hout, The Netherlands) by Flynn von Kleist & Matthijs Bockting. Producer: Guusje van Deuren (The Rogues)
    Ben (17) starts working at a sawmill where he struggles to hold his own in a harsh masculine world. Growing up without a father and with an unpredictable mother has hampered his transition from boy to man for years. The discovery that his skin is slowly hardening and transforming into wood, raises Ben’s need to grow up.

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