Second season of IFFR KINO

IFFR KINO is back this autumn! Showing unsurpassed underground hits of IFFR that are crying out to be seen a second time, every first Wednesday of the month in KINO. A selection spanning the whole spectrum of weird: from the incredibly obscure to the strikingly surreal, from the startlingly shocking to the amazingly original. Films that also point ahead to the many great surprises IFFR 2018 has in store.

These titles, which kick off the second series of IFFR KINO, should keep you going for the next four months – until the festival starts!

IFFR KINO #9: La leggenda di Kaspar Hauser

Davide Manuli, Italy, 2012, 90’

Wonderfully weird post-Western in which filmmaker Davide Manuli gives a new twist to the legend of German foundling Kaspar Hauser: clad in a track suit and headphones, the director has his enigmatic protagonist roam a deserted Mediterranean beach, where the locals force him into a role as DJ.

Wednesday 4 October | 19h30

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IFFR KINO #10: Viva

Anna Biller, US, 2007, 120’

Homage to the softcore erotic films of the early 1970s, with a feminist twist. Bored housewife Barbi plunges into the sexual revolution in California. Kitsch, camp, cheesy,over-the-top:this stunning, stylish debut is all of the above.

Wednesday 1 November | 19h30

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IFFR KINO #11: Symbol

Matsumoto Hitoshi, Japan, 2009, 93’

A bizarre, surrealist comedy in which a sad comedian wakes up in a sealed white room – or is he still sleeping? Angels’ penises protrude from the walls. What happens if you press the penises? In the meantime, a Mexican wrestler prepares for an important bout.

Wednesday 6 December | 19h30

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IFFR KINO #12: Gummo

Harmony Korine, US, 1997, 95’

In the aftermath of a devastating tornado, this film follows white trash characters in a miserable small town in Ohio. Fourteen-year-old Solomon and his friend Tummler kill time sniffing glue and murdering cats. Korine’s scenes sketch out a raw, eccentric impression of a lost generation.

Wednesday 3 January | 19h30

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