Rotterdam programmer curates Taipei exhibition

Tsai, Weerasethakul and Honetschläger show new work in Taipei’s National Palace Museum

Rotterdam programmer Gertjan Zuilhof curates exhibition 'Discovering the Other'

National Palace Museum, Taipei (Taiwan)

July 7, 2007, the exhibition 'Discovering the Other' opens in the National Palace Museum in Taipei. Gertjan Zuilhof, programmer of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, was invited to curate this very first contemporary art exhibition in the National Palace Museum, famous for its collection of ancient Chinese art.

In the introduction to the exhibition’s catalogue, Gertjan Zuilhof states: “For a short while, the National Palace Museum will be the home and the theatre to some of to most interesting artists and filmmakers on the globe. Artists and filmmakers who made discovering other worlds, other cultures and other arts their nature. They are here to discover the museum and the museum should discover them.

Discovering the Other shows art installations and films by:

  • Tsai Ming-liang (Malaysia/Taiwan)
  • Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Thailand)
  • Edgar Honetschläger (Austria)
  • Yael Bartana (Israel/The Netherlands)
  • Ella Raidel (Austria/Taiwan) & Hongjohn Lin (Taiwan)
  • Marilyn Fairskye (Australia)
  • Deborah Stratman (USA)

All artists/filmmakers are regular guests of the Rotterdam film festival. For more then ten years now, the Rotterdam film festival has opened its programme to extensive exhibitions of recent, film related visual arts.

In the special context of the National Palace Museum, each artist/filmmaker presents a new art installation, most of them created for the occasion, as well as a film programme, creating links between visual art and cinema as well as between cultures from the West and the East.

Gertjan Zuilhof is a programmer of the International Film Festival Rotterdam since 1992. He curated topical theme film sections such as The Cruel Machine (1998), Homefront USA (2004), White Light (2005), S.E.A. Eyes (2006), Happy Endings: When Festivals Are Over (2007).

The exhibition Discovering the Other runs from July 7 to August 31, 2007. 

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