Read the film tips from our Ambassadors

29 January 2023

IFFR 2023 Ambassadors


Read the film tips from our Ambassadors

29 January 2023

IFFR Ambassadors film tips



"Imagine having a rule that dictates there should be a sexual moment every 10 minutes, yet still being able to make a surprisingly engaging film, and a tasteful look at a young woman’s exploration of sexuality. Matsui Daigo’s Hand, about Sawako, a younger woman who continually dates older men, finally getting into a relationship with a younger man from work, and her perspective changing, does this incredibly well. Fûta Takagi delivers some fantastic cinematography, and the performances throughout are enough to recommend this film to anyone who listens."

How to Find Happiness 

How to Find Happiness. A great question, and a good movie. Shunichi Nagasaki’s film about an unlikely relationship forming between a doctor and a patient does a lot of things well. It has a lot of style, and distinguishes itself in its script by giving you good reasons to care about the continually evolving characters. Unfortunately, the humour, which it has a lot of, didn’t hit well for me, as it’s a very specific, quirky type of humour. I’d still recommend giving it a go if you have the time though, it’s special enough that it could very well be something someone else will absolutely love. 


Yusuke Morii’s Amiko does incredibly well at making you care for its titular character, a slightly eccentric but overly positive child who has had to deal with grief within her family. It’s tragic, but its portrayal of dealing with these issues from a young age are worth a watch. Its screenplay lacks some cohesion at times, but the performance of Kana Osawa, playing Amiko, is one of the best child performances I’ve seen on the big screen in a while. 


I can see the sun but i can’t feel it yet

"I selected this film because, as part of my research, I am interested in exploring social issues. The pressure that society can place on individuals to conform to certain expectations and the consequences of deviating from those expectations is a widely discussed topic. Additionally, recognizing and accepting the queer community in all its forms is important and should be acknowledged. This movie tells a poignant story in a dreamy and dramatic manner, making it worth watching. Although it is short, it is impactful. I recommend it to you."

Endless borders

"Endless Borders is a story set in Balochistan that follows individuals seeking freedom. In my opinion, freedom is the ability to lead a normal life without fear of loss. This film invites viewers to consider the various meanings and experiences of freedom, particularly as it pertains to the current human rights situation in southern Iran. If you enjoy a blend of factual, dramatic and romantic elements, I highly recommend watching this movie."

Before the buzzards arrive

"When I was picking movies to recommend, I didn't think I would choose one that relates to what I'm going through currently. This film takes place in a fictional and magical setting and talks about how society expects women to behave. As the story unfolds, we will see if changing these expectations will help or harm the women. The movie's magical and unusual  setting kept me engaged, and the beautiful scenes were pleasing to watch. If you're looking for a good movie that is easy to understand without being confusing, I recommend watching this one."




"The movie was a visual feast, as the 3D figures were brought to life in a brilliant display of special effects. Demeter was portrayed as a powerful yet not so friendly deity, a contrast to the other gods. It was an ok-crafted movie that was both entertaining and somewhat impressive."

Als uw gat maar lacht

"Amy had been told all her life that money and status were the keys to happiness, but she soon discovered that life was about much more than just controlling the world around her. Through her journey in the theatre, she began to understand the importance of relationships, communication, and empathy. With this newfound understanding, Amy began to make amends with those she had wronged and to find a new purpose in life. She learned to appreciate the beauty of the world and the joy of living in the moment.

It reminded me of the work of Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar, Amy's story was filled with character arcs that explored the depths of human emotion and the power of relationships. She encountered uninterested, bored characters and designer clothing, and even a plastic surgeon, along the way. Through her experiences, Amy learned to not only value her own happiness but also the joy of giving to others. Her story was a powerful reminder that life is not just about money and status, but about meaningful connections and finding inner peace"

Avant l'effondrement

"Tristan had never expected to find himself in this situation, but his curiosity was piqued. He had to find out who had sent him the pregnancy test and why. He had to know the truth.

He set out on his quest, searching high and low for any clues that would lead him to the sender. He asked around and did some digging, but nothing seemed to be turning up. He was running out of ideas and was starting to think that this was a wild goose chase.

But then he remembered something: the anonymous letter had been sent to him at the campaign headquarters. He realised that this could be a political manoeuvre - someone was trying to use him as a pawn in their own game. He had to find out who was behind this and why.

He decided to take a risk and look into the matter further. He started to ask questions and look for any evidence that could help him uncover the truth. As he investigated, he realised that his search was leading him closer and closer to a dangerous truth - one that could have serious consequences for his professional and emotional life. I love French movies, especially French women, Ariane Labed, Souheila Yacoub, oh la la, vive French cinema." 


Bajrangi Bhaijaan

"Unable to find her way home, a young mute Pakistani girl gets lost in India. To bring her back to her motherland and reunite her with her family, a devoted man with a generous attitude takes on the endeavour. Salman Khan has left his fans in Awe with his emotional and devoted demeanour in bringing Munni back to Pakistan.Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays the role of a supporting actor where he has outshined himself with his brilliant performance of putting his life at risk for the two friends he meets at one of his endeavours in the movie."

Medusa Deluxe

"A Murder Mystery that takes place at a hairdressing competition. How often do we see this? Almost Never! The movie’s aesthetic and cinematography is so brilliant, it left me feeling paranoid with every movement of the Camera. Thanks to Robbie Ryan! The script of the movie is very promising and the suspense builds up as the movie proceeds. This movie will have you second-guessing throughout! A must Watch for thriller lovers. I’d definitely give this another watch with friends and family!"

All India Rank  

"Every middle-class family in India would agree that IIT is the most prestigious institution to study from. Since Vivek is 17, he is expected to begin taking preparation sessions for the infamously difficult entrance tests for the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs). Vivek's father sends his only child to a residential preparatory school, the centre of IIT coaching, because he views an IIT degree as a moral certification. Vivek goes through the rituals of Indian adolescence for two years, but it is his parents who go through the maturing process.

Exceptionally great acting by Bodhisattva Sharma. His innocence and portrayal of a frustrated teen stuck between his desires and those of his parents makes this movie A must watch! Sheeba Chaddha - as always doing great justice to her character!"



"SOLO is a beautiful abstract short movie in which you will engage all your senses. Apart from the artistic shots, bizarre good coloring, pleasant characters and challenging choreo, you are completely dragged into the film by the sound design. SOLO gave me peace, a kind of mindfulness; raw, pure and soothing!"


"‘Fantoomwijk’ is super actueel! Als we praten over gentrification is dit een grootdeel van wat er daadwerkelijk gebeurt; een gebroken thuis en vergeten verhalen. De voice overs zijn herkenbaar, rauw en zorgen ervoor dat je de verhalen beelden voor je zien. Doordat de film geen muziek bevat luister je extra goed naar de fragmenten van oud bewoners. Er wordt een andere kant getoond over waarom ‘probleemwijken’ worden verbouwd en wat voor gevolgen het heeft voor de oud bewoners. Pijnlijk, maar het is de realiteit. Deze stemmen moet ook gehoord worden!"

Het leven en de vreemde verrassende avonturen van Robinson Crusoe die acht en twintig jaar helemaal alleen op een bewoond eiland leefde en zei dat het van hem was

"De filmt begint op een bijzondere manier waardoor je al snel je aandacht erbij moet houden. De cast ziet er prachtig uit en ook de coloring valt goed in de smaakt. De film heeft is magisch, iets origineels; het brengt je in een geheel nieuwe wereld vol well dressed geiten, melancholische koortjes en gemaskerde kannibalen. Ga er vooral goed voor zitten!"


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