New on IFFR Unleashed in October

Every month, at least ten films are added to streaming platform IFFR Unleashed – from short to mid-length to feature-length films. This month, there’s 30!

The October selection includes the documentary Flowers of Taipei (2014) made by former IFFR programmer Chinlin Hsieh, which showcases the Taiwan New Cinema movement. You can also enjoy the Prologue to the Great Desaparecido (2013) by the great Philippine filmmaker Lav Diaz as a prelude to his upcoming black-and-white masterpiece. Another brilliant addition to savour is Bernardo Bertolucci’s coming-of-age film Io e te (2013) which pairs very well with his Big Talk, available as bonus material.

Other remarkable additions are for instance:

  • Still from Blackhearts (2016)

    Still from Blackhearts (2016)

  • Still from Flowers of Taipei (2014)

    Still from Flowers of Taipei (2014)

  • Still from Manakamana (2013)

    Still from Manakamana (2013)

  • Still from Midsummer Night's Tango (2012)

    Still from Midsummer Night's Tango (2012)

  • Still from Reykjavik-Rotterdam (2009)

    Still from Reykjavik-Rotterdam (2009)

  • Still from Silent Ones (2013)

    Still from Silent Ones (2013)

  • Still from Viktoria (2014)

    Still from Viktoria (2014)

All films on the platform have screened at previous editions of IFFR. More than half of them have not seen a theatre release since. IFFR Unleashed offers the chance to watch them online from the comfort of your home!

All new additions:

Photo in header: Still: Flowers of Taipei