Movies that matter

Mark of distinction

Still from MARK OF CAIN (UK, 2007)
THE MARK OF CAIN, screening on Friday at 15:45 in Pathé 1 and Saturday at 16:30 in Cinerama 4, was awarded the Movies that Matter Award last night.

A harrowing drama about British soldiers torturing Iraqi detainees during 2003 operations in Basra, the film received the €5000 prize (presented by Amnesty International) for a film on a human rights subject at ceremony in the Schouwburg. Scripted by Tony Marchant – who interviewed returning soldiers about their experience of the conflict – the film is directed by Marc Munden. The film switches between its Iraq segments – in which a squad of infantrymen arrest, then torture a group of Iraqi citizens suspected of taking part in the armed insurgency – and the UK court martial of two soldiers accused of the abuse, and features powerful performances by Matthew McNulty, Gerard Kearns, Shaun Dooley, Leo Gregory and Alistaire Petry.